Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comics art awesome! Life is Awkward. :)

Alternate Press Expo or APE as most people know it, is a wonderful comics/zines/arts convention in San Francisco generally happening around October. I love going to APE because afterwards, I like to attend the awesome party and the mini comic awards show at my comic book shop, Isotope Comics. Of course I always end up being so tired that I have to tap our of the party too fast. I guess I am getting old. It's great to meet new creators and awesome new friends who love comics as much as I do.

While I was at APE, I purchases two copies of "Scenes from an Impending Marriage" by Adrian Tomine, one for a friend getting married, and one for me. Unfortunately I didn't know my friend's fiance's name (now husband). So this created a tough situation when it came time for Adrian Tomine to sign it for us! I gave Tomine a name I thought would be the right one, but he advised me to not do that. Good advise! I ended up keeping both copies of the book, because I decided he might get offended that the book only has her name on it. Of course I hope I'm never found dead and people find the two copies of books in my bedroom. One with my name and one with hers. It'll just be too creepy.

Anyways, APE always has great comic book guests. In 2009, they had Jeff Smith of Bone fame. The last two years they've had Dan Clowes, Adrian Tomine, Tony Millionaire, Scott Morse and many many more.

Sometime in the future, I will review scenes from an impending marriage by Adrian Tomine, the book I didn't give to the woman whose husband I didn't know.

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