Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Boy Named Amir

The Story Of Amir

It was January 1977 in Rome, Italy where a baby was conceived during Behrouz and Minoo's honeymoon. The next day they dove through the country side where they stopped to dine on the local food and wine. In the midst of all this they passed a goat herder who had a goat with babies. My mom, Minoo found that the little one with spunk was really cute, so my dad bought the goat for her. The new family member was named Amir.

Amir, Minoo, and Behrouz drove through Europe, going to England, then via boat to France, back to Italy and Spain, through Turkey and back to Tehran.

After getting situated, Behrous, Minoo, and Amir the goat got an apartment in downtown Tehran across the street from the hospital where another Amir would be born. Minoo was 4 months pregnant now with a son. Amir the goat enjoyed life living in the 4th story of a 12 story apartment complex. He would eat his food in the balcony, enjoying the view and dining. In August, Minoo almost 8 months pregnant accidentally slipped on the stairs and her water broke. The baby would be born a month and a half early. Amir the goat of course wouldn't underrate this. For three days, Amir would not have food because Minoo would be in the hospital with the baby and Behrouz on the road working. So Amir The Goat got hungry and saw that there were delicious looking leaves close to the balcony. He jumped on the balcony ledge and started eating. Then he saw a bigger, more delicious leaf just out of reach. He stuck his head out w/o worries, after all he was an 8 month old goat.

Elvis passed away on August 16th, allegedly dead in his bathroom.Amir the goat fell four stories and didn't immediately die, but was put to sleep the next day so as to not feel pain. Amir the baby was born three days