Sunday, December 30, 2012

"I'm Getting Too Big For This" Featuring Amir Malekpour

So now, I have a monthly comedy show at the Big Umbrella Studios every last Saturday of each month. So far we've had three awesome shows with three great crowds. Also, I want to thank Chris Remmers, Jerry Goldstone, Kristee Ono, and Joe Gorman for performing at the shows so far.

Here is a sample from one of the shows.

Transcript from show:
San Francisco Comedian Amir Malekpour describes getting older and how he is looking forward to it. 


I'm getting older, I'm thirty five now, but I'm actually looking forward to the Golden years.

I want to get to seventy as soon as possible, cause pause the age of seventy, the ratio of women to men is seven to one.

That's where I cleanup. 

So if I make it to seventy, I'll be a granddaddy pimp. I'll have like a cane, my medicare cane, Tight pants, on purpose!