Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Tea with X-Women

This Sunday I decided to stay in the house and write this. But I'm still having English Tea with a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich.

I finally had the pleasure of reading a comic book I have bought for over a month, X-Women. This comic book is about the X-Men ladies Rogue, Storm, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde and Rachel Summers going on an all-girls vacation. Of course as it happens, trouble ensues and the five superheroes have to spring into action. Pretty standard, right? Wrong!

First off you have Chris Claremont writing,a MAD Genius who made the X-Men what they are today. Then you get the amazing art of Milo Manara. Manara is considered a legend in France and is famous for porn/adult themed comic books.

Anyways, I am not going to ruin the story for you, but I will say that the issue is full of half-naked, sexy female super heroes in compromising poses. So in a sense, not too different than any other modern day comic book. What's different is that two legends created this awesome comic book.

The Backgrounds in the comic look just as sexy and beautiful as the foreground. Making females into sex objects is not a new thing in comic books, even the ones geared towards children (which this one most certainly is not!).

What makes this issue perhaps better than the run of the mill sexist comic is the fact that the women kick ass, and are not weak. They are strong characters who look sexy and pick who THEY wanna party with. If you're a man(gay/straight/doesn't matter) and you like comic books, I'd pick this up. If you're a woman, do it anyways. I'd love to know if you think this is misogynistic.