Monday, May 19, 2008

A Boy’s pathway to adulthood

Singapore Airlines: A Boy’s pathway to adulthood

10:34 AM Tokyo, Japan

I am 7 years old, about to make my trek to the United States from Tokyo. Anything up until this point is inconsequential, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am seven years old and have the rest of my life a head of me.

It's exciting to have stepped on foreign soil as it is a badge of honor. I flew from Tehran to Peking (with an hour stop) and now am in Tokyo. What that means is that within one trip I have landed on two foreign countries! That has to be a record for a 7 year old. And in less that 24 hours I will have landed in Los Angeles or San Francisco, depending on which ticket is cheaper. Life is exciting. Just with in the past hour I have seen Asians for the first time, they are awesome. In a few hours I will have seen the first black person … how cool is that?

4:56 PM Tokyo, Japan

My mom finally got us tickets to Los Angeles. I can’t wait till I get to the United States. It will be really exciting seeing flying cars, robots, and visit the space station for the first time. Maybe if I work hard enough, I will be able to save enough money by 7th grade to buy myself a robot. Nothing too fancy, just one that will be my friend and teach me complex mathematics and more importantly to speak English without an accent.

??? PM “Over the Pacific Ocean

I don’t know what time it is, but I do know one thing. I love traveling on airplanes. They have hamburgers for food which I love, a movie with your own headphones. I love wearing headphones, especially when I am listening to my favorite stories on my walkman.

Singapore Airlines has really pretty ladies working for it. They all have rosy cheeks and a beautiful smile. I am really glad I am 7 years old because I've been told that attractive women treat 7 year olds better than adults. I hope I never get old. Well that is not true, I want to get taller so that when I drive a car, my feet reach the pedal, but that’s it. Also when I grownup, I want to meet a nice girl to marry and play with. I think only older ladies are pretty, so I will have to get bigger or older so that I could kidnap them for the marriage.

By the way, I know none of this is making any sense, but I am 7 years old, have just discovered that I am going through puberty, and these Singapore flight attendants are really hot.

??? PM “Over California

I think we’re about to land. I think that movie starring Cher was really boring. I guess I am ready to start my new life in a new world. I better start forgetting about anything I learned before I was 7. Anything up until this point is inconsequential, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am seven years old and have my life a head of me.

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