Friday, February 22, 2008

How Geometry & Physics saved my life and made me the coolest kid in school

Before I start this biography loosely based on portions of my life, I have to mention that not all of it is 100% truth, but that does not take away from the fact that Geometry, physics and Calculus had a huge impact on my social life.

I recently read a blog by one of my favorite comics/people in SF Comedy, Sam Arno, where he talked about teaching math to his daughter. By reading this, I realized how much I have loved math, even though; I am not really that great at it anymore. In fact I don't even think I would not even rank top three in the most mathematically skilled comedian in the bay area. That honor would probably go to Richard Kiss, Norm Goldblatt, and perhaps Brian Mallow.

During the early part of my sophomore year, I tried out for the wrestling team because some of my friends asked me to, since we needed a heavy weight on the team. I ended up crushing my knee cartilage and ending hopes of ever trying out for UFC or WWE. What came out of that was me concentrating on school. I ended up, by accident taking Senior Level physics, & advanced Geometry. The Geometry class was very boring, as it was filled with freshman and no hot chicks. This forced me to actually pay attention in class and try to actually learn. I ended up being the best Geometry student and even getting the top 1% percentile in the California testing for my age. Before that class, I had never done better than a B in any math class, no matter how hard I tried.

Physics on the other hand was the most awesome class, as the class was filled with hot girls who were seniors. My teacher was Mr. Keller, who actually was not that much older than I was. He was 21, I was 16, and some kids in the class actually looked older than he did, mostly the Mexican kids. He made physics fun by sometimes dressing up as a physicist who he would be lecturing on that day. I ended up getting an A in this class because I wanted hot chicks to partner up with me because I could get them a good grade. I never scored, but I got to hangout with hot older girls who were nice to me and liked me as a little brother.

Finally the math skills helped me in future years as I was able to make the Varsity baseball team by having the entire team lobby for me to be on the team. The trade off, let them cheat off of me in Calculus.

Mathematics has helped me in other aspects of life that I don't recall, but trust me it has helped.

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